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The Pro 1-V Detonator by Trick Drums U.S.A.

The Pro 1 -V Detonator Double Bass Drum Pedal by TRICK Drums USA




At Trick Percussion, Innovation is the norm.

Our engineers have always pushed beyond conventional thinking and the status quo.


 Our Pro 1 – V is manufactured from aerospace materials, (titanium, aluminum, stainless and hardened steel) and machined on the latest state of the art CNC equipment.


When we began designing the Pro 1–V, we wanted to build a pedal unlike anything ever made, with never before seen features that are truly useful to today’s drummers.


The Trick Pro 1 – V takes the worry out of whether or not you’ll make it through the show. It is so infinitely adjustable, that we’re sure it will satisfy every drummer’s individual needs, regardless of their playing level or style.



Some highlighted features of the Pro 1-V Detonator Bass Drum Pedal by TRICK include:






Beaters - Universally adjustable, the Pro 1-V Bass Drum Beaters can be easily moved to any height/angle along the titanium shafts within seconds by using a standard size drum key. Hard/Soft surface change out options are also included with beaters.

(beaters also sold separately, more details coming soon)







Footboard – The Pro 1–V footboard is machined from solid billet aluminum. The Pro 1 – V footboard is fracture tested to 12,000 pounds per square inch. The footboard is attached to the heel plate using a pressed-fit, hardened, solid steel pin. Attaching the two components this way has proven much more reliable than a hinge and uses fewer moving parts that could breakdown over time.









  Base Plate – The Pro 1 – V base plate is machined from solid billet aluminum, this provides the Pro 1 – V with an ultra sturdy platform on which everything else is built.


Say goodbye to thin stamped-metal base plates.

Detonate your sound from a position of Strength*

*tensile strength certified to withstand over 12,000 PSI




Compression Spring Technology – The Pro 1 – V utilizes an internally housed compression spring. Compression springs are vastly superior to expansion springs used in many of today’s pedals, because compression springs have the ability to “cycle” faster and utilize energy more efficiently.


With the Pro 1 – V’s compression spring and profiled cam follower, another industry first, you will feel less spring tension build-up as the beater approaches the drum head.



This is one of the reasons why the Pro 1 – V feels smoother, faster and more responsive then any other pedal ever made. The Pro 1 – V’s spring tension is adjustable while you’re playing (if need be), simply turn the spring tension dial conveniently located on the main housing.

This feature is patent pending.



Slide-Trac - Rapid Release Hoop Clamp This multi-purpose feature streamlines your set-up time. To connect the Pro 1 – V to your bass drum, simply hold down on the spring loaded lever, slide the pedal onto your hoop and release! No more fumbling to screw and unscrew wing nuts. When it’s time to pack up, simply squeeze down on the lever to disengage the clamp, remove your Pro 1- V pedal, and hit the road!




  The Pro 1-V Slide-Trac has three memory set-screws so you can pre set your hoop size and distance from the head for fast set up and tear down, time after time. It also allows the Pro 1 – V to fit snugly and perfectly on any brand of bass drum hoop regardless of the width or thickness.

This feature is patent pending.


Independent Split-Cam System – Trick’s fully independent split cam system let’s the player infinitely and independently adjust the beater from the drive cam angle with a 360˚ range of smooth yet solid settings. This system also allows for immediate conversion of the Pro 1 – V into a cocktail kit pedal or a triggering pedal. Because of the split-cam systems design, the player can now change the attitude and attack of the pedal in seconds.

This feature is patent pending


   Multi position pedal height adjustment cluster – This three position cluster is an integral part of the sophisticated geometry at work on the Pro 1 – V. It gives the player separate adjustments to the footboard angle, as well as, the pedal’s action, throw and overall feel. This feature is patent pending.


Pro 1-V Double = No Slaves - Our Pro 1-V Double Bass Drum Pedals basically combine two separate single pedals. We also offer a conversion kit that upgrades your single Pro 1-V to a no slave Pro 1-V double bass drum pedal within minutes.

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